Apollo, Professionals in Networks and Testing, may be relatively young, but many decades of expertise have been brought together within the company. Some of us have been working in infrastructure, networking and testing large, highly critical networks for more than 30 years. These are professionals with a reputation and an impressive resume. We understand better than anyone else that testing and validating your networks is a crucial aspect of business continuity, so we stand for a high-availability network.

The first landing on the moon was the work of many computers. Yet two minutes and 21 seconds before landing, Armstrong took over the controls of the lunar lander as the automatic landing threatened to take place in an area with many small craters and boulders. Armstrong chose to use a good portion of the fuel on board to steer the lunar lander. In the end, Armstrong set the lunar lander down in a flat area. That was human work. 

APNT's work can also be called human work. Sure, we work with the most advanced technology, but it is the people who make the difference. APNT is always looking for such professionals. We have 'space' for specialists in Networks and Testing, who believe in the power of testing, automation and monitoring. We offer network IT professionals the environment where they can truly act professionally and the challenging clients that match such professionalism. These include the Police, Vattenfal, Shell, KPN, ING, Belgacom, Rijkswaterstaat, Airbus, etc. 

Anyone who calls their company Apollo is always looking for excellence. So that's what we are doing. For companies, APNT ensures the availability, security and performance of their ICT infrastructure. 24/7. That's rocket science and for that we are looking for network engineers with knowledge and ambition. Men and women with a mission who are well-versed in the latest developments in ICT and ensure a secure and stable network at our customers.  

That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. It is perhaps the most famous quote in history. We borrow some of those words to encourage people to write history themselves: take that step and write your own history. The move to another job may seem small, but it can be a giant leap in your career. Finally performing in an environment as ambitious and professional as yourself. That's what APNT can offer you. Besides colleagues with whom you can spar at a high level, a good atmosphere, flexibility and excellent terms of employment.

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Normally APNT takes on its work on a project basis. Specialists from APNT work inside and outside your company to provide solid network performance for your organisation. In doing so, they try to transfer as much of their knowledge as possible to your own people. This knowledge transfer ensures a solid and sustainable network within your organisation. But sometimes more is needed temporarily and you need an (additional) network specialist within your own organisation. APNT can and will provide this. We offer high-quality network engineers on a secondment basis. Specialists who bring an enormous amount of expertise and who are also firmly anchored within APNT. This way, you do not get the knowledge of one expert, but the expertise of the whole of APNT. Ask us what is possible.

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