Spirent is a true pioneer in network testing and validation.

In space, due to the near absence of gravity, weight plays almost no role. Here on earth it’s a different story. That is why APNT works intensively with partners of weight. Parties that apply the same high-quality standards as APNT itself and that provide a valuable addition to the service package. What these parties offer can safely be called 'rocket science'. They are Spirent, pioneer in network testing and validation; Netbrain, for testing and validation tools; Netscout, which monitors and analyses network performance; and finally Arista, which provides network solutions. With these four partners, APNT works in great synergy. This is how we manage to create added value for the customer; the strengths of APNT and its partners complement each other, enabling us to offer more comprehensive, efficient and, above all, more effective solutions.

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About Spirent
Spirent is a true pioneer in network testing and validation. It specialises in creating resilient and perfectly functioning networks. With the Spirent Test Centre, it offers a very complete testing solution for network validation. In addition, Spirent offers products to simulate cyber attacks on the network and provides solutions for time- and location-based services. Also for testing and validating your Wi-Fi and 5G, Spirent offers professional solutions that APNT's specialists are happy to deploy for you, for both basic infrastructure and advanced features like 5G. Thanks to these testing and validation solutions, you can invest in new technologies with confidence.

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