Arista offers a very wide range of networking hardware and software.

In space, due to the near absence of gravity, weight plays almost no role. Here on earth, it’s a different story. That is why APNT works intensively with partners of weight. Parties that apply the same high-quality standards as APNT itself and that provide a valuable addition to the service package. What these parties offer can safely be called 'rocket science'. They are Spirent, a pioneer in network testing and validation; Netbrain, for testing and validation tools; Netscout, which monitors and analyses network performance; and finally Arista, which provides network solutions. With these four partners, APNT works in great synergy. This is how we manage to create added value for the customer; the strengths of APNT and its partners complement each other, enabling us to offer more comprehensive, efficient and, above all, more effective solutions.

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About Arista
Arista offers a very wide range of networking hardware and software. These advanced hardware and software solutions are fully scalable and specifically designed to meet the requirements of modern data centres and cloud environments. For our customers, this results in significantly improved performance and lower operating costs. Optimal scalability allows the solutions to grow with business needs. Arista's award-winning platforms, with Ethernet speeds from 10 to 400 gigabits per second, represent a new standard in terms of scalability, flexibility and reliability. The company, as APNT, has more than earned its reputation. For instance, it has already provided more than five million cloud network ports worldwide.

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